Equipment hire


Customers use our equipment for both stand-alone cooling facilities and for additional cooling capacity. This can provide improved operational efficiency and throughput in an existing plant. Industries which frequently use our Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions include:

  • Construction and facilities management
  • Events, entertainment and movies
  • Manufacturing, food processing
  • Military, disaster relief and service industries
  • Oil, gas and mining
  • Petro-chemical
  • Utilities

Product Range

Spot Coolers:
Small portable air conditioning units with cooling capacity of 6.5kw each.These are excellent short term solutions for offices and small factories.

CRAC units:
Air conditioning systems consisting of condenser unit (outdoor) and fan coil unit (indoor) 85.0kw each.

These are custom built units for data centre environments.

Air and Water Cooled Systems:

Air conditioning systems consisting of Chiller (outdoor) and air handling unit(s) (indoor) up to 1,500.0kw.

These systems are designed for various applications when large cooling capacity is required.

Our technical specialists are available 24x7 to deploy and service equipment, monitor performance and to ensure outstanding service.

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