Electrical / Generators

Emergency Power Generation

For industries and commercial operations that operate on a continuous basis, emergency power generation is an essential element of the infrastructure. It’s a must to install a reliable generator that has sufficient capacity to keep essential services running in times of power failure and planned outages.

Reliable and Experienced

Robert Mann is the ideal choice for emergency power generation works on essential infrastructure. Whether you are building a new site or have extended your existing site, Robert Mann is a reliable, experienced partner. Our extensive experience in the communications sector means we are well placed to apply this knowledge to other industries such as scientific laboratories that require highly specific installations with complex technical specifications.

Business Continuity

Robert Mann specialises in keeping your business operating while undertaking major works at your site. Our careful project management skills ensure no disruption to operations at the site. Every project is different so our design and planning is customised to each job. We ensure power is not lost by employing strict processes and a combination of temporary generators, stand by power sources and phased introduction.

Our electrical/generator capabilities include:

  • Upgrades and modifications to emergency power generators
  • Installation of new emergency power generators
  • Containerised and non-containerised sets
  • Complete systems and turn-key solutions
  • Ventilation and acoustic systems for generator plant rooms
  • Relocation of existing services in generator plant room and main switch room
  • Migration of controls to incorporate upgrades
  • Modifications to switchboards and submains
  • Load testing and commissioning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Trouble-shooting on systems
  • Management of specialist sub-contractors such as fire engineers and building management system technicians
  • In-house electrical engineering resource

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